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Transatlantic workshop on patent markets with EC – key issues discussed

Several fundamental issues were discussed during a one-day trans-atlantic workshop in Brussels on March 3, 2016, with representatives from top patent licensing firms in the world and EU as well as US policy makers. The aim was to identify current and emerging issues in the patent market that could merit further research efforts funded by agencies – and firms – promoting innovation.

– Key topics were (i) incentives to take on the high risks in inventions – mechanisms to manage them -, (ii) basic awareness and knowledge building among politicians, SMEs, academia and general public on the value of inventions and the relation of the patent system as well as (iii) a continued professional dialogue at practitioner and policy level. As one participant commented: “Inventions are important, but we are beginning to loose the [policy] battle”.

– Most importantly the general awareness problem on mechanismsencouraging risk taking, the value of inventions and the patent system merited topics for further investigation and policy discussion.

– Markets in patent (transactions not only protection four) would be such an area that would help firms manage their risks better by providing a broader and deeper market access for patented technologies.

Summary report

A summary report is included with some tentative conclusion and  focus for further investigation.

Workshop 2

A follow-up transatlantic workshop is planned, focusing on SME-exchange in patents (with large firms and other SMEs). This workshop is tentatively planned to be in the USA.

for more info, and to follow this project please take a look at http://report.ullberg.biz

Eskil Ullberg, PhD



Summary report: EC Workshop – How patent market can create growth

Workshop report: Report of discussion with patent market practitioners Brussels, 3 March 2016

Workshop background document: How can patent markets enable growth – State-of-Play 2016

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