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    North-South Exchange

    A project has been proposed evaluating the merits of the economic policy of exchange in technology between North-South, complementing social agendas on education/know-how.


    A special project called Trade In Ideas has been developed to provide a pilot study for developing nations of their potential to turn the human capital into economic activity in the area of exchange in technology. This long term focused pilot project aims at gathering 5 countries from the South and 2-3 from the North. The project was presented during the UN ECOSOC’s Annual Ministerial Review in Geneva in 2013.

    The document for the initial discussion can be found at UN/ECOCO, AMR2013.

    An input to the new millennium goals discussing this framework of Trade In Ideas in a North-South context can be found at SDG2015.

    For interest in this project, both from participants and potential donors, please contact Eskil.Ullberg@Ullberg.biz for project documentation and status update.



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