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Consulting services are offered in the area of strategy, speaker engagements and workshops and applied research. 


Consulting services are offered in the area of strategy for firms, governments and their agencies and organizations that may benefit from a program to manage their risk and uncertainty better using intellectual property rights, in particular patents. To achieve this aim, information system strategy is an integral part of such business or agency strategy.

Speaker and workshop engagements are offered to bring together information necessary for strategy discussions, resulting in reports as support and input for further development of mechanisms to manage economic and business risks.

Applied research is offered in open access non-partisan economic fashion through partner organizations. These projects offer a better general understanding of economic policy on particular strategic topics. A current proposal is the role of the patent system in long term,  economic development as a selection mechanism for the technology of the right kind. Focus areas are: energy (sustainability), food (security) and information and communication technology (ICT).


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