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    Welcome to The Ullberg Report!

    This report aims to serve policy makers, economists, and business and university communities and individuals, interested in developing their economies by the exchange of human ideas. (from intro to Trade In Ideas)

    At the heart of economic development is technology, providing the solutions that increase productivity in the use of resources. Through the patent system – first established in 1474 and today covering the developed and most developing nations – technology has become tradable in its own rights and we can therefore expect growth in technology to increase by policies designed to create incentives for such trade. These markets are selection mechanisms to help inventors, investors and innovators invest further in the most economically useful technology for the future: Energy, food and information technology being critical in our time.

    – The report covers topics related to economic development and the patent system and welcomes suggestions on topics from readers.

    – Issues include North-South exchange in technology based on the patent system as a trade system and a higher education agenda.

    – The report is free and you can easily sign up using the form on the right side of the home page.

    The report’s aims

    The report aims at providing a source for policy information on the role of the patent system in economic development, including North-South exchange in technology. The report is based on an ECONOMIC view of the patent system, analyzing current events and, hopefully, providing clarifying information, knowledge and experience in applying a range of economic policy options. The report may therefore be useful for policy makers, government officials, businesses as well as the financial community concerned with funding the next generation of innovations and economic development.

    You are welcome to sign up to the report by adding your email. You may also add a special interest, such as news on the proposed Trade In Ideas project of North-South integration through exchange in technology; or discuss topics of interest to your business, nation or inventive activity.

    We will start with current research and initiatives for information and then develop the report from there.

    Yours truly,

    Eskil Ullberg

    IFN Brown Bag

    On Jan 19, 11:30-12:30, I have been invited to speak at brown-bag seminar at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, Grevgatan 34, in Stockholm.

    The topic will be Trade In Ideas – Performance and Behavioral Properties of Markets in Patents, covering research published in the book with the same name. The research explores the institutional behavior of organized markets in contacts on patents, based on two economic experiments done at ICES, George Mason University.

    A short discussion non institutional and taxation policy in relation to the digital economy will be part of the talk.


    All Welcome!

    Eskil Ullberg

    RATIO 2015-2016

    Senior Research Scholar at The Ratio Institute, an independent research institute in Stockholm from Jan 2015-Jun 2016.


    The institute’s mission is to develop and distribute new knowledge about (i) the conditions for enterprise – laws, rules and values – , (ii) entrepreneurship, the market economy and growth and (iii) how political change can be achieved.

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