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The Ullberg Report is for policy makers, economists, and business and university communities and individuals, interested in developing their economies by the exchange of human ideas.



The report aims at providing a source for policy information on the role of the patent system in economic development, including North-South exchange in technology.

The dominant body of knowledge about the patent system is still provided by the legal profession. The report aims at research with an ECONOMIC angle of the patent system, analyzing current events and, hopefully, providing clarifying information, knowledge and experience in applying a range of economic policy options. The report may therefore be useful for policy makers, government officials, businesses as well as the financial community concerned with funding the next generation of innovations and economic development. In addition relations to teaching may be added, providing a source for higher education professionals in teaching the next generation of students.

Speaking engagements, Research and Consulting services are offered for applied work with government policy and business strategy.


Eskil Ullberg, PhD, MBA, MSc

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The Ullberg Report

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The Ullberg Report


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