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WTO Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology

On October 26, 10-12, a presentation of the Trade in Ideas Program took place at the WTO for the Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology (WGTTT). El Salvador, a participant in the Trade in Ideas Pilot-study, had asked the EC, through Sweden, the funder of the pilot-study, to give an overview of the principle and program in eluding some early results.

If any additional information about the program is desired, please email: eskil@ullberg.biz

Enclosed is the powerpoint from the meeting. See: Powerpoint for WGTTT, 2018-06-27

WGTTT: https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/devel_e/dev_wkgp_trade_transfer_technology_e.htm

Speech at WTO: Trade in Ideas as New Development Policy

Trade Dialogues Lecture Series

As part of its Trade Dialogues Series, the WTO will be inviting leading technical experts to share their insights with WTO members and the broader trade community on important economic and policy developments.

I will be discussing the role of organized markets in facilitating this global trade in ideas as well as the implications for policy making in the area of intellectual property, education, and taxation. The talk will be recorded an available at WTO.org here and on Youtube (2 min short version, full lecture).


Stanford University Conference on US Patent System



This conference is a part of  the Hoover IP2 Working Group, working to review the premises of the US patent system and to address questions of scope, specification, duration, and economic impact of that system.  The working group two very fundamental questions: Does the US patent system hold up or push forward the commercialization of technological innovations? and Does the US patent system frustrate or facilitate the inventive acivities and entrepreneurial processes central to economic growth?

During the conference held Monday–Tuesday, January 11–12, 2016 as services working papers were presented and discussed. I had the great honor to present a paper on the fundamental issue of trust and patents markets entitled: “The Language of Trust and Reciprocity in Patent Markets: A Sociological Analysis of Property Rights on Messages Resolving Uncertainty in Exchange in Ideas”.

The papers can be found at:

Hoover paper logo

IFN Brown Bag

On Jan 19, 11:30-12:30, I have been invited to speak at brown-bag seminar at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, Grevgatan 34, in Stockholm.

The topic will be Trade In Ideas – Performance and Behavioral Properties of Markets in Patents, covering research published in the book with the same name. The research explores the institutional behavior of organized markets in contacts on patents, based on two economic experiments done at ICES, George Mason University.

A short discussion non institutional and taxation policy in relation to the digital economy will be part of the talk.


All Welcome!

Eskil Ullberg

Speech at UN panel: Science, Technology and Innovation for Development about: Patent Markets and Innovation

Communication at about 51min and initial comments at about 45min: Video from event.

United Nations panel: Science, Technology and Innovation for Development: GMU Newsdesk


UN Special Event

Special Event on “Science, technology and innovation for development” in preparation for the ECOSOC annual ministerial report. The presentation starts at 51:30 into the video.

Second Committee, Special Event on “Science, technology and innovation for development” – 67th General Assembly