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ABC RN (Australia) Interview on “A Global Patent Market”

ABC RN in Australia interviewed on “A Global Patent Market” as a consequence of the Op-Ed together with Edmund Phelps, Columbia.

Should there be a global patent market?

A new report argues that now ‘more than ever the world needs a framework of trade rules to facilitate the exchange of ideas across borders.

Eskil Ullberg is the co-author of that report and he believes that a cross -border technology exchange based on patent protection and enforcement mechanisms could release the creativity of both developed and developing countries.

So what would have to happen for this to work and does the WTO agree?

Hear interview can be listened to here.


Trade in Ideas as New Development Policy – WTO Trade Dialogue Series June 2017

Presentation of Trade In Ideas as New Development Policy at WTO Trade Dialogue Series in 2017. Eskil Ullberg, Adjunct Professor, George Mason University (full lecture)

Short version (3min)

UN/ECOSOC meeting on Trade In Ideas — Interview on South-South News

Eskil Ullberg, South-South News 2013-07-03

Discussion of Trade In Ideas concept at the UN ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Conference, Geneva 2013 in South-South New.Eskil Ullberg, Visiting Senior Research Scholar, George Mason University

Economist Ullberg Speaks to the UN about patent markets, innovation

United Nations panel: Science, Technology and Innovation for Development: GMU Newsdesk

Communication at about 51min and initial comments at about 45min: Video from event.