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Trade in Ideas as New Development Policy: Multi-country Pilot-study funded by Sweden on Economic Potential for Developing Nations Licensing Own Patents

How do can you leverage the recent human capital formation that has taken place in many developing countries in the last two decades?

This pilot-study will investigate the economic potential of markets in patent as instrument of development, leveraging national inventors, licensing to the world markets.

16 countries with high human capital formation, some patenting, royalty licensing and “open access economy”, have been invited to join this pilot. Chile, Azerbaijan and Kenya have now joined and several others are discussing with their governments to join.

A video-workshop will be held with 10+ companies and 2-3 policy making agencies following a survey of the actual terms-of-trade achieved for technology from “the south”. This will be a first indication of the economic potential of such trade between developed and developing nations alike. A level playing field is the goal allowing a third leg of development activity; product, services and ideas, protected by the patent system, creating trade in ideas as new development policy.

The study is funded by Sweden.

Please find enclosed some background information on the study and links to the patent offices in the nations participating in the study. The study began in 2017 and is planned to end by June 2018.

If you are interested in participating in this study please contact at: eskil@ullberg.biz


Presentation of study by Chile’s IP Office


Azerbaijan Patent Office

Kenya IP Office




Background Document: Presentation of Pilot Study & Invitation